Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro, a 3-2-1 Club

Welcome to Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro! We are an eclectic mix of ages, genders, occupations, backgrounds and interests. We are passionate about making our community and the world a better place for children so they can thrive.

As a 3-2-1 Kiwanis Club, we emphasize activities and projects outside of meeting rooms, and we use our monthly business meeting to organize club activities and service projects for the following month.
What we do as a 3-2-1 club is simple. Each month, we strive to spend:

  • 3 hours serving our community (concentrated in the summer, driving the miniature train, supervising & mentoring Key Club members serving in concessions at the train
  • 2 hours socializing (e.g. going to a baseball game, dinner together downtown, eating ice cream at Simply Natural Creamery), and
  • 1 hour each month for club business.

We are devoted to serving the children in our local community and also children all across the country and the world through unique and innovative service projects and fundraising initiatives.

Key Club volunteers serve alongside Kiwanis members at the miniature train in Herman Park, operated by the Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro since it was gifted to the City of Goldsboro in 1955.  in Goldsboro's Herman Park since
Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro has been operating the “Kiwanis Special” miniature train since the Club purchased the train in 1955 as a gift to the City of Goldsboro. High school members of Kiwanis Club (called Key Clubs) are shown here on opening day of the 2021 Summer Season at the train. This train has delighted children and families for 65 years! It is one of less than 50 miniature trains remaining in the United States.

Interested in learning more? Please contact us or apply to join our Kiwanis club here